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Total 224
Won 139 62%
Lost 62 28%
Draw 23 10%

HFCC Tournament Day6 5 - 4
HFCC Tournament Day5 6 - 2
HFCC Tournament Day4 2 - 2
HFCC Tournament Day3 3 - 2
HFCC Tournament Day2 9 - 11

May 2018
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GFE History & Contacts
GeForce Elite History

GeForce Elite (GFE) started as a small clan with high ideals and high aspirations. A group of dedicated players and good gamers did not wish to see good skills go to waste. These gamers decided it was high time that someone stood up to the unfair players in the world, trying to spoil the game play of a beautiful game...Far Cry. Thus the idea of -G|F|E- was born.

The main founders of the clan, -G|F|E- Deltree, -G|F|E- DEVIL, -G|F|E- Leroy and -G|F|E- SSU wanted to make sure that it was plain to anyone who wanted to join the clan that it was a clan which promoted fair play.

-G|F|E- Deltree took pains in translating the rules which he had devised from portuguese to English. There was an objective to this. GFE was not only for people from a particular region but for people from all around the Europe. The clan had opened its arms to all who could follow these rules and play fair. He developed the Chain Of Command system, which is a borrowed idea from the modern day Armies of the world, but could be implemented to address issues in GFE.

The ideal clan for fair play, still it took many months to reach its full potential. The recruitment of new members gave impetus on fresh ideas. These ideas developed and furthered the cause of GFE.
Many changes came about when players like -G|F|E- Ecibento, -G|F|E- SharK, -G|F|E- BlackJack -G|F|E- Unatural and -G|F|E- Intrepid joined the clan. These changes gave more organisations and more scope for the clan to develop. In all these changes GFE maintained its core values of fair play.

This organisation of GFE structure further developed the Chain Of Command system. A new idea of a Committee system was introduced to allow members to decide on the objectives and hard decisions of the clan by a voting system. The committee members are voted for and elected. They serve a limited period of time before new elections are held. The committee members would be the voice of the members but only in grave matters concerning GFE.

FarCry thrived in the clan, as GFE slowly started to become a community. To be more successful we needed a better publicity. We succeeded in this when the services of DARKflare were issued. He is now our webmaster and developed one of the best gaming websites for GFE.

Yet the clan was not defined completely by only these few members. It was a collective effort of each and every individual in the clan that promoted, recruited and displayed why GFE was fair.

The Training Commander -G|F|E- SharK introduced to GFE, in 2006-2007, Far Cry internal tournaments. This was another milestone for GFE. The internal tournaments are now part and parcel of GFE each season and extend to all the divisions.

In 2007 came the introduction of new divisions to allow people who played other games.

GFE has metamorphosed from a simple clan to a beautiful and gracious Gaming Community.
Special thanks to each and every member. Without the GFE members this was not possible.......

Story by:
-G|F|E- BlackJacK

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11/03/18 - 19:30
Does GFE still have a TS server ?

11/03/18 - 16:33
Hey guys, I’m back to gaming add me on warface: CoMBaTX

03/01/18 - 16:30
HAppy New Year

03/01/18 - 10:53
Happy New Year GFE

25/11/17 - 00:47
the one game i will never ever go back to, CSGO

27/10/17 - 23:10
Hello All GFE member. Hope you are doing good. I see a whole lot of new names. Welcome to GFE.

09/10/17 - 01:18
Thank you Hero, you are my Hero

09/10/17 - 01:18
Hello Bally

09/10/17 - 01:17

01/10/17 - 17:50
Alright ladies and gentlemen its time to get some serious FC2 or warface training back in action!

Its been so long since i've heard some of your voices and I'd really love to catch up and hang out with you guys again. Appa, Bally, SsU, and of course Gambit you big noobs. I miss you all. Hope to hear from you guys soon.


09/08/17 - 19:05
hy GFE here is Sharkoon whats up mates

10/06/17 - 07:10
Hey GFE how are u mates

03/01/17 - 19:04
Happy New Year GFE...

26/09/16 - 19:08
hello Injection....:)

25/09/16 - 17:06
hello all GFE!

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