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Welcome our new Division!!!
Warframe itself is an awesome Free-to-Play game, developed by Digital Extremes. It is a sci-fi third-person shooter which takes place in our very own solar system (all of it ).

In Warframe, up to 4 players work together to complete missions such as eliminating enemies or retrieving data from terminals. Players can carry a primary weapon (such as a rifle or shotgun), a secondary weapon (usually a pistol), and a melee weapon. Players are given XP for killing enemies and completing missions, which allows them to level up their weapons and armor. Each Warframe ( the suit the player wears ) has 4 different abilities that can be unlocked through the progression system. When equipment is leveled up, it will unlock mod slots, which can improve or add various stats of weapons and armor, as well as general stat bonuses.

The camera is positioned over the shoulder for third-person shooting, and the player can also jump, sprint, slide, and roll, as well as combine techniques to quickly move throughout the level and avoid enemy fire. Money, ammo, and weapon and armor mods can be found in set locations, such as lockers, as well as dropped by enemies. New weapons and warframes can be purchased in the market, using either credits earned in game, or platinum purchased via microtransaction.

So, grab the game and join the Division, either on steam or on the game's official website,

JOIN GFE NOW and apply for the warframe division!

[Submitted by JCV]
Posted by Ssu on 04/04/2013 - 19:20 | Read/Post Comment: 3 |email to someone printer friendly

Welcome our new Division!!! | 04/04/13 - 19:53

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Good choise JCV. Well done.

Welcome our new Division!!! | 04/04/13 - 20:55
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joined: 23/08/12 - 15:02
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May we get many members and lot's of fun!


"Τὸ δὲ τὴν πόλιν σοι δοῦναι, οὔτ’ ἐμόν ἐστιν οὔτ’ ἄλλου τῶν κατοικούντων ἐν ταύτῃ· κοινῇ γὰρ γνώμῃ πάντες αὐτοπροαιρέτως ἀποθανοῦμεν καὶ οὐ φειδόμεθα τῆς ζωῆς ἡμῶν\"

Κωνσταντῖνος IA\' Παλαιολόγος

Welcome our new Division!!! | 05/04/13 - 12:31

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Its a nice game, i've play it yesterday ...


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splinter cell
16/07/18 - 19:46
last time a post went up was 16/09/2014 where is everyone

16/07/18 - 11:14
we only have discord server now. Feel free to join us whit this link: UJY3rDP

splinter cell
14/07/18 - 13:37
hello all nice to see

09/07/18 - 15:35
No there's no TS server or FC 1 suport files.

09/07/18 - 08:44
Hi! Farcry 1 1.6 patch ?

11/03/18 - 19:30
Does GFE still have a TS server ?

11/03/18 - 16:33
Hey guys, I’m back to gaming add me on warface: CoMBaTX

03/01/18 - 16:30
HAppy New Year

03/01/18 - 10:53
Happy New Year GFE

25/11/17 - 00:47
the one game i will never ever go back to, CSGO

27/10/17 - 23:10
Hello All GFE member. Hope you are doing good. I see a whole lot of new names. Welcome to GFE.

09/10/17 - 01:18
Thank you Hero, you are my Hero

09/10/17 - 01:18
Hello Bally

09/10/17 - 01:17

01/10/17 - 17:50
Alright ladies and gentlemen its time to get some serious FC2 or warface training back in action!

Its been so long since i've heard some of your voices and I'd really love to catch up and hang out with you guys again. Appa, Bally, SsU, and of course Gambit you big noobs. I miss you all. Hope to hear from you guys soon.


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